Reactive membrane on a lens implant: three months after implantation

  • J. Reimer Wolter


Implant cytology study of a Leiske anterior chamber lens implant removed after three months because of corneal edema due to suspected endothelial damage during surgery revealed evidence of a fully developed membrane covering all of the implant at this early date. The cells in this membrane represented all the predominant cell elements seen in membranes on implants removed after years: foreign body giant cells, epithelioid cells, and fibroblast-like cells. However, the early stages of differentiation seen in the cells of the present membrane gave an indication that they are interrelated and have their origin in free-floating aqueous humor histiocytes.


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Zytologische Untersuchung eines Leiske Vorderkammer Linsenimplants, das nach drei Monaten wegen Hornhautoedems verursacht durch Endothelschaden


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  1. 1.The Departments of Ophthalmology and Pathology of the University of Michigan HospitalsAnn ArborUSA

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