The use of carbon fiber for the irradiation position of a fast-rabbit system

  • P. Bode
  • M. de Bruin
Activation Techniques


Contamination of rabbits with activities induced in the metal parts live of an irradiation facility constitute a major source of problems for INAA using short-lived nuclides. If the half life of the nuclides of interest is longer than about 10 sec, it is possible to unpack the sample without appreciable loss of information. But for shorter half lives, automatic unloading devices for rabbits have to be used. Such systems are complicated and can not be used for cyclic activation procedures. At IRI, a fast rabbit system is being installed consisting of polyethylene tubing and a carbonfiber end point at the core position. Carbonfiber combines a good mechanical stability under in-core conditions with a very high purity. It can be expected that as a result of the use of this material, contamination by the rabbit will become negligible, so that samples can be counted directly without unpacking. Results obtained with this new system are presented, and compared with results obtained with an aluminium rabbit system used until now.


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  • P. Bode
    • 1
  • M. de Bruin
    • 1
  1. 1.Interuniversity Reactor InstituteDelft(The Netherlands)

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