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Dead programmes for a magnetic drum automatic computer

  • W. L. van der Poel


In an automatic computer with a memory for both numbers and instructions a mistake in an instruction sometimes causes a complete breakdown of the programme. In a machine with a memory having permanence these breakdowns can be prevented by blocking a part of the memory for writing. Standard sub-programmes which occur frequently can be placed in this dead part of the memory. These programmes require a special treatment of instructions which are changed by the programme itself. A description is given of a method for storing the return instructions in a hierarchy of subprogrammes, and of a technique for using variable instructions in a dead programme.


Special Treatment Automatic Computer Variable Instruction Return Instruction Complete Breakdown 
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  • W. L. van der Poel
    • 1
  1. 1.Central Laboratory of the Netherlands Postal and Telecommunications Services's-Gravenhage

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