The cross-spring pivot as a constructional element

  • J. A. Haringx


This paper deals with the behaviour of the so-called cross-spring pivot, a flexible element connecting two members of a construction and consisting of two flat springs that cross each other at an angle of, for instance, 90 degrees. To a first approximation the pivot point coincides with the point of “intersection” of the two springs. By an elementary calculation we find the rigidity of the cross-spring pivot to depend to a large extent upon the size and the direction of the force to be transmitted. A second calculation gives us the shift of the pivot point occurring for large angles of deflection, though for a pure bending moment only. A survey of the results is given at the end of the paper.


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  • J. A. Haringx
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  1. 1.Philips Research LaboratoriesEindhovenNetherlands

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