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Cannflavin A and B, prenylated flavones fromCannabis sativa L.


Two novel prenylat flavones, termed Cannflavin A and B, were isolated from the cannabinoid free ethanolic extract ofCannabis sativa L. Both compounds inhibited prostaglandin E2 production by human rheumatoid synovial cells in culture.

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This communication is dedicated to the memory of the late Professor J. W. Fairbairn and the late Dr. J. T. Pickens. We are grateful to the Medical Research Council for a project grant and to Ms J. Elliot of King's College London for NMR spectra.

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Barrett, M.L., Scutt, A.M. & Evans, F.J. Cannflavin A and B, prenylated flavones fromCannabis sativa L.. Experientia 42, 452–453 (1986).

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Key words

  • Cannabis
  • PGF2 inhibition
  • non-cannabinoids