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Influence of sunlight on atmospheric condensation nuclei

  • F. Verzár


I has been shown that irradiation of air by sun-rays leads to a formation of atmospheric condensation nuclei, as measured with the automatic nucleus counter (1).

To control the influence of the material, experiments were done in a gasometer where a rubber balloon was built in, also in a metal container covered either with uviol glass or window glass, or with air in a polyethylene balloon. The same influence of sunrays was observed in each case.

Similar experiments were then done with compressed air from a metal container, or with oxygen gas, nitrogen gas or nitrous oxide all from metal containers. In all cases sun-rays produced condensation nuclei; the effect was present both at 1800 m and at 270 m altitude. Diffuse sunlight with high clouds also had an effect. Infra-red radiation and mechanical shaking were without result, but ultraviolet rays from a quartz-mercury lamp increased the nucleus count of the balloon whether it contained air or one of the above-mentioned gases.

As yet it has not been possible to decide the mechanism of formation of these nuclei and what their meteorological and biological role might be.

The detailed paper will appear later in «Geofisica pura e applicata».


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Authors and Affiliations

  • F. Verzár
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  1. 1.Klima-physiologisches Laboratorium St. Moritz-BadSt. MoritzSwitzerland
  2. 2.Basel(Switzerland)

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