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Abstossung von Tumoren unter Einwirkung von anorganischem Diphosphat

  • N. PetersJr.
Specialia Anatomica, Histologica, Embryologica, Carcinologica


Eels with dermal tumors, consisting mainly of undifferentiated epidermal cells, have been treated with inorganic diphosphate. Depending on concentration of the diphosphate used, the tumors show either an increased number of mucous cells or they are repelled. In the adjacent tissue of the cutis, during these processes, a great number of lymphocytes and macrophages are found. Three possibilities are offered to explain these facts, the most important of which is that the diphosphate increases the ability of the tumor cells to redifferentiate. Consequently, formation of tumor specific antigens is induced, as a result of which the tumor is destroyed by an immunbiological reaction.

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  • N. PetersJr.
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  1. 1.Institut fÜr Hydrobiologie und Fischereiwissenschaft der Universität HamburgHamburg 50Deutschland

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