Zeitschrift für Physik

, Volume 229, Issue 2, pp 109–122 | Cite as

Die radioaktive Markierung von Aerosolen

  • Volker A. Mohnen

Radioactive tagging of aerosols


A method has been developed for the radioactive tagging of any aerosol independent of its chemical or physical nature and independent of the electrical charge distribution on the aerosol particles.

Experiments with neutral Thorium-B as “tracergas” and the naturally occurring condensation nuclei to be labelled show good agreement with the theory. The attachment coefficient as well as the time for attachment has been determined for the above mentioned system. The knowledge of both parameters is necessary for describing in general the generation of radioactively labelled aerosol.


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  • Volker A. Mohnen
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  1. 1.Sektion Physik der Universität MünchenDeutschland

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