Soil Mechanics and Foundation Engineering

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Settlements of experimental plates on plastic-frozen soils

  • S. S. Vyalov
Soil Mechanics


Plastic-frozen soils can develop perceptible creep settlements, which can exceed the limits of permissible values. The data of long-term experiments thereby confirm the validity of the requirements of SNiP II-18-76 concerning the need to calculate bases composed of plastic-frozen soils not only with respect to strength but also deformations. In this case it is necessary to take into account both settlement due to consolidation and settlement due to creep.

To calculate settlements from the data of field tests one can use Eq. (8) or (10), and with consideration of a variable load or time-varying temperature — Eq. (7).


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  • S. S. Vyalov
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  1. 1.Scientific-Research Institute of Bases and Underground Structures (NII Osnovanii)USSR

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