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The latent trichophytosis of human clothes

Preliminary communication. Part I
  • Sebastian Szathmáry


The author succeeded in culturing aleurosporic fungi from stainspots of old garments, which were then developed by means of a longer humidifying process. Among these fungi figured also theTrichophyton terrestreDury &Frey. He considers as very likely that later on he will be able to demonstrate from the stain-spots also theTrichophyton gypseum var.asteroides, which shows the same signs of growth like the former one, because this fungus has found on the sterilized material also such favourable conditions of living like theTrichophyton terrestreDury &Frey.

This assumption seems to be confirmed also by clinical observations.


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  • Sebastian Szathmáry
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  1. 1.Communication of the Medical Mycological Laboratory in KarcagHungary

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