The nonlinear self-defocusing electromagnetic surface waves in a metalised ferrite film


The dispersion relations for TE s-polarized nonlinear electromagnetic surface waves guided by a metallised ferrite film, surrounded by a nonlinear self-defocusing dielectric cover with intensity dependent refractive indices have been computed. Numerical results are also illustrated to show the propagation characteristics for different values of the film thickness, and at a fixed value of the dielectric-ferrite interface nonlinearity. It has been found that the surface waves exist in both directions of propagation, where the external field is applied. The propagation of these waves is non-reciprocal, and has a resonant interaction in the reverse direction. The power flow carried by the structure has also been calculated for different values of the slab thickness. The non-reciprocity has also been obsorved, and the power flow level can been controlled by the film thickness. of semi-infinite gyromagnetic and nonlinear media2. If we increase the operating frequency, the power flow level changes at a fixed film thickness, forβ ≥ 0 and forβ ≤0 as in Figs.4. There exist a limited eigenvalues (solutions) with f=17.8GHz forβ ≥ 0, and for different values of the operating frequency forβ ≤ 0. So the eigenvalues and the power flow level can be varied as the operating frequency is tunned. At f=17.8GHz forβ ≥ 0, as in fig.4b, to some value of the power flow there correspond two propagation wave index, which are being related to bistable states of nonlinear surface. All the above mentioned behaviours exhibit the characteristics of microwave switches, isolators, and limiters and could be used in some experimental applications in Microwave Engineering Technology. The other parameters effects as the magnetic field, magnetization, types of ferrite etc. on the dispersion characteristics and the power flow are now under consideration.

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  • Ferrite
  • Film Thickness
  • Surface Wave
  • Operating Frequency
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