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Treatment of hepatic failure secondary to isoniazid hepatitis with liver transplantation


Two patients with liver failure secondary to isoniazid hepatotoxicity were successfully treated with orthotopic liver transplantation. A 49-year-old man received isoniazid prophylaxis for a positive tuberculin test, and a 60-year-old woman was treated for active pulmonary tuberculosis with isoniazid, rifampin, and pyrazinamide. Both patients developed hepatic failure 4 and 1.5 months after initiation of antituberculous drug therapy, respectively. Liver transplantation was performed for progressive hepatic failure and was successful in both patients. The patient with active pulmonary tuberculosis was successfully treated with a modified antituberculous drug regimen while taking standard doses of immunosuppressive drugs after transplantation. In conclusion, liver transplantation is feasible and effective therapy for patients with isoniazid-induced hepatic failure, and active pulmonary tuberculosis may represent a relative rather than absolute contraindication to transplantation.

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