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Species of hypocrella

  • E. B. Mains


Additional information is given from studies of types and authentic specimens for 25 species of Hypocrella.Stereocrea aurantiaca is transferred to Hypocrella asH. aurantiaca (Petch) comb. nov.,H. caulium is considered an invalid name andH. brasiliana (P. Henn.) comb. nov. is proposed. It is concluded thatH. sloaneae, H. nectroides, H. citrina, H. melaena, H. disjuncta andH. amazonica all are valid species.H. verruculosa is considered conspecific withH. phyllogena. H. fluminensis is a synonym ofH. epiphylla andH. guaranitica, H. spegazzini, H. orbicularis andH. cornuta are synonyms ofH. palmae. Similarities between several species of the eastern and western hemispheres are noted.


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