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Gastric emptying of solids is markedly delayed when meals are fried


We studied the effect of heat-treated fats on gastric emptying. Eight healthy asymptomatic volunteers (five males; age 28–41 years) ate on different days and in random order two meals identical in contents (pasta, tomato, beef, olive oil, carrots, orange, water; 870 kcal males, 700 kcal females; 47% of calories from carbohydrate, 36% from fat, 17% from protein), but cooked differently (fats fried or not). Ultrasound measurement of antral diameters was used to calculate basal antral section, its maximal dilation after the meal, the time necessary for total emptying, and the percent retention at hourly intervals. No difference was found in basal and maximal antral diameters after the two meals. On the contrary, total gastric emptying was significantly delayed after the fried meal [317.1 (24.12) vs 226.7 (18.4) min, mean (1sem);P≪0.002]. A significantly greater percentage of maximal antral distension was still present between 120 and 240 min after the fried meal. The glycemic response and hunger feeling were the same after the two meals, whereas there was a longer persistence of satiety and epigastric fullness after the fried meal. In conclusion, gastric emptying can be influenced not only by the meal content, but also by the way it is cooked.

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This work was supported by grant 93.00599.PF41 from the Italian National Research Council (CNR)-Targeted Project “Prevention and Control of Disease Factors,” Subproject “Alimentation.”

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