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Dermatophytosis among the students of the elementary schools in Taipei city

  • Yau-Chin Lü


A survey of dermatophytosis among the students of all elementary schools in Taipei City was performed from April to June, 1957. A total of 2687 students, 1419 boys and 1268 girls, were examined as a random sample.

There were 85 cases of dermatophytosis (3.16%) including 80 cases of tinea capitis (2.98 %), two cases of tinea glabrosa (0.07 %), one case of tinea pedis (0.04 %) and two cases of favus (0.07 %). Seventy eight out of 80 cases of tinea capitis were male.

Mycological study of 80 cases from these patients was performed and 49 strains of the causative organisms were obtained. Among 46 strains cultured from tinea capitis, there were 39 cases (84.8 %) ofT. ferrugineum, which is the commonest species in Formosa, 6 cases (13.0 %) ofT. violaceum and one case ofT. rubrum.

Favus is an endemic dermatophytosis in middle and southern China but is rare in Taipei City.

The relationship between the causative dermatophytes and the clinical findings of tinea capitis were described. Clinical symptom due toT. ferrugineum was different from that due to other organisms.


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Authors and Affiliations

  • Yau-Chin Lü
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of Derm.National Taiwan Univ., Schools of MedicineTaipeiFormosa (Taiwan), China

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