Relapsing acute encephalopathy: A complication of diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis immunization in a young boy



Neurological complications of immunizations are rare. We report the case of relapsing acute encephalitis in a boy after two subsequent diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis vaccinations. First the clinical signs were those of acute disseminated encephalitis. During the second episode, the boy experienced optic neuritis. Recovery was complete after both events. Because of the close temporal relationship of both these demyelinating episodes with the immunizations, we favour a cause and effect relationship.


The observation of a 7-year-old boy who developed relapsing acute encephalitis after two diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis vaccinations and a similar case in the literature suggests that this neurological manifestation may occur as a very rare complication of diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis vaccination.

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  • Diphtheria-tetanus-poliomyelitis vaccination
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  • Acute disseminated encephalitis
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