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Migraine of gastrointestinal origin


A consecutive series of 31 children (median age 12 years) suffering from migraine with (n=21) or without (n=10) aura underwent endoscopic oesophageal, gastric and duodenal biopsy in order to determine whether the complaints were of gastro-intestinal origin. Of these 31 children, 13 (41.9%) showed oesophagitis, 16 (51.6%) gastritis of corpus, 12 (38.7%) antral gastritis and 27 (87.1%) duodenitis. Thus, 29 of the 31 children studied had an underlying inflammatory lesion explaining their complaints.Helicobacter pylori colonization was found in 7 of the children: one hadH. pylori associated antral and corporal gastritis and 6H. pylori associated antral gastritis only. Gastritis of corpus withoutH. pylori was present in all these 6 children. Our data do not support thatH. pylori is a primary pathogen of inflammatory changes seen in children studied, neither do they establish an association betweenH. pylori, antral gastritis and migraine. However, our data strongly suggest that there is a gastro-intestinal origin of these patients' complaints.


Our findings provide further evidence that recurrent abdominal pain is an early expression of migraine and strongly support a causal link between recurrent abdominal pain and migraine.

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tripotassium dicitratobismuthate


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