Water exchange and material exchange through a strait due to tidal flow

  • Yoshihiro Mazda


The process of material transport through a strait due to tidal flow is modeled, and then the differences between various concepts of tidal exchange which have been used hitherto are pointed out using this model. In particular, the exchange of water itself and the exchange of material should be distinguished even in the case where the material of interest is carried by the water,i.e., the material and water move as one body. Further, the physical meaning of “tidal trapping” (Fischeret al., 1979) is discussed by using the model in this paper. The relationship between the exchange ratio for the water itself (r) and the phase lag (δ) of material concentration to the tidal stream in a section of the strait, which is an important factor in tidal trapping, is obtained as follows:
$$\delta = \tan ^{ - 1} \left( {\tfrac{1}{r} - 1} \right)$$
Observational results at Lake Hamana (Shizuoka Pref) and at Kabira Cove (Okinawa Pref.) support the validity of the above relationship.


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  • Yoshihiro Mazda
    • 1
  1. 1.Faculty of Marine Science and TechnologyTokai UniversityShimizu, ShizuokaJapan

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