Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology

, Volume 15, Issue 6, pp 653–673 | Cite as

Galanin—A neuropeptide with inhibitory actions

  • Kalev Kask
  • Ülo Langel
  • Tamas Bartfai


1. Galanin is a 29 (in humans 30) amino acids long neuropeptide with mostly inhibitory, hyperpolarizing actions.

2. Differential structural requirements of truncated forms of galanin and differential agonist/antagonist behaviour of chimeric peptides, high affinity galanin receptor ligands suggest the presence of pharmacologically distinct galanin receptor subtypes.

3. The galanin receptor from human Bowes melanoma cell line—a member of G-protein coupled receptor superfamily—has been cloned.

4. Galanin acts via Gi/Go proteins inhibiting cAMP production, inositol phosphate turnover, opening K+ channels or closing Ca2+ channels.

Key words

galanin agonist peptide antagonist glanin receptor receptor subtypes signal transduction 


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