Mathematical Geology

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Directions and possibilities of mathematical geology

  • L. I. Chetverikov


This paper considers the present state of mathematical geology. Three directions are recognized: applied, theoretical, and mathematical. Applied mathematical geology includes formal use of mathematics to solve problems and computer processing of data. Success is achieved by a correspondence of mathematical methods used to the nature of geological data. This correspondence can be demonstrated by purely mathematical means. Theoretical mathematical geology uses mathematics as a “language” of geology; however, a number of methodological problems must be solved: formalization of initial geological concepts and creation of a strict conceptual basis, substantiation of initial principles of mathematical simulation, creation of theoretical geological models, problems of elementary and coincidence in geology, and methodological substantiations of possibilities of any mathematical model to approximate geological models. The essense and significance of these problems are considered. The main task of mathematical geology is to prove its correspondence to the nature of the geological objects studied, geological data obtained, and geological problems solvable. Finally, the main problems of mathematical geology are not so much mathematical as geological and methodological.

Key words

mathematics geology problems direction principle methodology theoretical geological model 


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  • L. I. Chetverikov
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