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Weak nucleon currents in beta decay and muon capture

  • M. Morita


We made extensive investigations on the weak charged nucleon currents and structure of complex nuclei in weak nuclear processes. Using our new formalism, which has almost no approximation as far as the lepton part is concerned, we have studied the beta-ray spectra and beta-ray angular distributions in the12B and12N beta decays. The weak magnetism predicted by CVC is in excellent agreement with the experimental data on beta-ray spectra given by the Columbia and Heidelberg groups. It is noticed here that the differenceα−α+ of the coefficients in the beta-ray angular distributions in aligned12B and12N is free from ambiguity of the nuclear model. We found practically no second-class induced tensor current with the data given by the Osaka, Louvain and Zürich groups. On the other hand, the sumα+ of the coefficients represents the time component of the main axial vector current, and it is free from weak form factors. With this sum we studied the exchange-current and core-polarization effects. These two effects are large, and they are almost cancelled out by each other in this case. We also found the strength of the induced pseudoscalar form factor which is generally consistent with PCAC, from nuclear polarizations of12B in muon capture of12C performed by the Zürich and Tokyo groups. These nuclear polarizations are insensitive to the nuclear model, if the exchange-current and corepolarization effects are properly taken into account.


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