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Changes in nucleolar activity during the growth and development of the wheat coleoptile

  • R. J. Rose


In the dormant embryonic wheat coleoptile the nucleolus is almost a purely fibrillar structure and numerous large blocks of heterochromatin are present in the nucleus. Following germination the nucleoli develop distinct granular and fibrillar zones which become intricately intermingled, and the nuclear heterochromatin disperses. What appear to be perichromatin granules have been noted in coleoptile nuclei. When these dark grown coleoptiles cease division growth the nucleoli once again assume a largely fibrillar structure, and show low incorporation of3H-uridine. Associated with these latter changes at the cessation of meristematic growth there is a dilution of cytoplasmic ribosomes. The cytoplasm up until this time is densely packed with ribosomes. This study, taken together with other reports, suggests that characteristic nucleolar structural changes and reduced nucleolar activity are often associated with the differentiation of plant cells, following the cessation of meristematic growth.


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