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Laparoscopic-assisted mini laparotomy with colectomy

  • Honzen Ou
Technical Notes


PURPOSE: Laparoscopic colectomy, as many claim, is technically feasible. However, none can definitely attest to its superiority over or even equivalence to traditional open laparotomy. The goal of this study is to assess results of laparoscopic colectomyviaa new approach compared with traditional colectomy. METHODS: The study involves 12 cases of laparoscopic mini laparotomy with colectomy and another 12 cases of traditional colectomy. Laparoscopic mini laparotomy is performed with the same equipment used in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Through a small 5-cm to 6-cm incision, the surgeon's left hand inserts into the peritoneal cavity and participates in the laparoscopic mobilization of the bowel along with other laparoscopic instruments. Mesenteric division and bowel anastomosis are performed through the same incision extracorporeally. RESULTS: The preliminary result of the study shows that, compared with traditional surgery, laparoscopic mini laparotomy with colectomy offers reduction in the frequency of usage of intramuscular analgesics, better cosmetic results, earlier food intake, and shorter hospital stay. The only disadvantage of laparoscopic mini laparotomy with colectomy is that it takes longer operative time, which may decrease with more experience. CONCLUSION: Laparoscopic mini laparotomy with colectomy is an alternative method of laparoscopic colectomy. It seems to offer a similar morbidity and better results compared with colectomy in open laparotomy.

Key words

Laparoscopic colectomy Mini laparotomy Hand manipulation Surgical technique 


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  • Honzen Ou
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  1. 1.Surgical DepartmentChino Valley Medical CenterChino

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