Diseases of the Colon & Rectum

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A new ‘enterocompressor’ to facilitate rectal anastomosis

  • R. Patricio Barraza
Technical Notes


A newly devised enterocompressor facilitates low rectal anastomosis in children with Hirschsprung's disease. This simple surgical instrument, composed of two semicylindrical valves, a hinge, and a regulating screw, maintains intestinal anastomoses properly placed and produces spur crushing. In addition, it is inexpensive and reusable. The enterocompressor, used in 33 primary and 15 secondary Duhamel operations, and applied to normalize intestinal transit in 10 colectomies, provided adequate anastomosis and prevented leakage of intestinal contents. This enterocompressor can be used safely in children as young as six months of age.

Key words

Enterocompressor Hirschsprung's disease Duhamel procedure Low rectal anastomosis Gastrointestinal anastomosis Surgical technique 


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Authors and Affiliations

  • R. Patricio Barraza
    • 1
  1. 1.The Hospital Paula JaraquemadaUniversidad de Chile, Cirugia PediatricaSantiagoChile

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