Sucralfate enema in ulcerative rectosigmoid lesions


To assess the efficacy of sucralfate enemas in distal colonic ulcerative lesions, 22 patients with radiation proctitis (n=8), idiopathic ulcerative proctitis (n=5), and solitary rectal ulcer (n=5) unresponsive to conventional medical therapy, and those with ulcerated and bleeding rectal polyps awaiting polypectomy (n=4) were studied. Enemas of sucralfate suspension (2 gm in 20 ml water) were administered twice daily for a period of three weeks. Clinical and sigmoidoscopic improvements were observed in 19 and 18 of the 22 patients, respectively (86 and 82 percent, respectively). No side effects were seen. The authors conclude that sucralfate enemas are useful in the treatment of ulcerative lesions of the rectosigmoid.

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