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, Volume 36, Issue 3–4, pp 267–288 | Cite as

Deuteromycetes from Jabalpur. III

  • V. P. Sahni


In this paper the author has described seventeen new Deuteromycetes from Jabalpur (M.P.) India. These are:

Phyllosticta careyaeSahni onCareya arboreaRoxb.,Phyllosticta anogeissiSahni onAnogeissus latifoliaWall.,Phomopsis dalbergiaeSahni onDalbergia sissooRoxb.,Phomopsis yuccaeSahni onYucca aloifolia L.,Phomopsis dracaenaeSahni onDracaena brachystachysHook.,Phomopsis buteaeSahni onButea monosperma (Lam.)Kunze,Cytospora grevilleaeSahni onGrevillea robustaA. Cunn.,Coniothyrium sarcinellaeSahni onSarcinella palawanensis (Syd.)Sahni parasitising leaves ofCalastrus paniculatusWilld.,Coniothyrium dioscoreaeSahni on fruits ofDioscorea sp.,Amerodiscosiella indicaSahni onIxora parvifloraVahl.,Ascochyta nyctanthisSahni onNyctanthes arbor-tristis L.,Pseudodiplodia buteaeSahni onButea monosperma (Lam.)Kunze,Pseudodiplodia oreodoxaeSahni onOreodoxa oleraceaMart.,Phaeoseptoria bougainvilleaeSahni onBougainvillea glabraChoisy,Hainesia jabalpurensisSahni onWoodfordia fruticosa (L.)Kurz.,Colletotrichum arjunaeSahni onTerminalia arjuna W. & A., andColletotrichum terminaliaeSahni onTerminalia bellirica (Gaertn.)Roxb.


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© Dr. W. Junk N.V. 1968

Authors and Affiliations

  • V. P. Sahni
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of BotanyGovernment Science CollegeJabalpurIndia

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