Diseases of the Colon & Rectum

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Chronic anal fissure

A new method of treatment by anoplasty
  • J. B. Case
Technical Note


Chronic anal fissure is a common condition usually treated by maximal anal dilatation or lateral subcutaneous sphincterotomy. The following method is based on a common surgical principal; to widen a stenosed tube a longitudinal incision is made across the stenosed area and this is sutured transversely as in pyloroplasty. This method of anoplasty is simple and appears to have no resultant complications. Further studies are necessary before its value can be established compared to the presently accepted methods of treatment.

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Chronic anal fissure Anoplasty Anal fissure Anal stenosis 

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  • J. B. Case
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  1. 1.Queen Elizabeth II HospitalGrand PrairieCanada

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