Acta diabetologia latina

, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp 243–250 | Cite as

Plasma acidic glycohydrolases in insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

  • Elaine Kohler
  • Kumudchandra J. Sheth
  • Thomas A. Good
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We assayed plasma activities of Β-galactosidase, Β-hexosaminidase, α-mannosidase, α-fucosidase and α-galactosidase involved in degradation of the glycoprotein molecule in 110 insulin-dependent diabetics aged 3-1/2 to 19 years and compared them to a group of normal youngsters. We correlated the plasma enzyme activities with the duration, control and sequelae of insulin-dependent diabetes. Insulin-dependent diabetics had a significantly higher plasma activity of Β-hexosaminidase and α-mannosidase (p<0.01) and a significantly lower plasma activity of α-fucosidase and α-galactosidase (p<0.01). Of the 5 enzymes studied, only plasma Β-hexosaminidase correlated with fasting and postprandial blood sugar (p<0.01), cholesterol and triglycerides (p<0.05). Additionally, poor control of diabetes was also associated with a significantly higher plasma Β-hexosaminidase activity (p<0.01). Proteinuria or an abnormal Addis count suggestive of renal involvement was associated with various changes in plasma acidic hydrolases. These changes may be related to insulin deficiency rather than hyperglycemia and may be genetically determined.


Fucosidase Galactosidase Hexosaminidase Juvenile diabetes mellitus Lysosomal enzymes Mannosidase Plasma glycohydrolases 


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  • Elaine Kohler
    • 1
  • Kumudchandra J. Sheth
    • 1
  • Thomas A. Good
    • 1
  1. 1.Department of PediatricsMedical College of Wisconsin Milwaukee Children's HospitalMilwaukee

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