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, Volume 43, Issue 9, pp 138–140 | Cite as

Zur Biologie derPansepta teleturga Mey. (Lep.)

  • Erol Hassan


ThePansepta teleturga Mey. attacked such cocoa stands when they removed the shade.

It seems that light intensity plays a big role in its life. It has 5 larval stage, (instar).

After 3. instar it burrows into the branch. From the early instar forms a web, constructed with silk and frass. The larvae feeds under this cover on the cambium and subwood. It extends the frass and webbing to cover new feeding sites. From adult to adult it takes approximatly 3 months. Under Tropical climate it has four generations in a year. A Calcidoidae,Brachimeria sp. parasitises the larvae and emerges when the larvae pupates.


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