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Galaxies with f12 > f25

  • R. A. Kandalian


We have compiled a sample of galaxies whose flux density is higher at 12 microns (f12) than at 25 microns (f25). It is argued thatf12 >f25 effectively selects quiescent galaxies which are less active in infrared, radio, and optical bands than other types of normal galaxies. Moreover galaxies withf12 >f25 do not exhibit the well-known relations that normal galaxies show between far-infrared parameters, for example, the negative correlation betweenf12/f25 andf60/f100. These galaxies also show different far-infrared and radio properties. In our opinion this sample of quiescent galaxies is suitable for use as a control sample when properties of more active galaxies are discussed. It may also be used in modeling galaxies with active star formation or an active nucleus.


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