Environmental measurements at the Savannah River Site with underwater gamma detectors

  • W. G. Winn
Application of Radioanalytical Techniques to Nuclear Safeguards and the Measurement of Environmental Radioactivity


Underwater NaI(T1) and HPGe detectors are used in the environmental measurements programs at the Savannah River Site (SRS). A 22.9 cm × 10.2 cm NaI(T1) detector on the Savannah River continuously monitors effluent releases from both SRS (DOE) and Plant Vogtle (Georgia Power). Correlations with known releases indicate a sensitivity of 4 mBq/l for58Co with 1500 min spectra; such levels are well below those of hazardous or legal concern. A 30%-efficient HPGe detector has appraised radionuclides in SRS cooling pond sediments; the dominant gamma-emitting radionuclide detected was137Cs, at levels ranging up to 2.0 MBq/m2. The pond activities were adequately quantified by 1 min counts with the HPGe detector; resulting contour maps of sediment137Cs provided guidance for partially draining the ponds for dam repairs.


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