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Der Einfluss einiger C21-Steroide auf die Wassereinlagerung in wachsenden embryonalen Knorpeln in vitro

  • B. Schär
Specialia Endocrinologica


Embryonic chick cartilages were cultivated in a synthetic nutrient medium. In this experimental procedure cortisol is known to reduce the water uptake of the cartilages. It was found that some C21-steroids exert a similar activity. Those of the steroids investigated, which inhibit water uptake, have in common aΔ4-3-keto group, an 11β-hydroxy group, and a keto group in position 20; oxygen functions in positions 21 and 17 α seem to be of minor importance for this activity. The possibility of these steroids being inactivated by cellular enzymes is discussed.

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  • B. Schär
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  1. 1.Pharmazeutische AbteilungBiologische Laboratorien der CIBA AktiengesellschaftBaselSchweiz

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