Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 331–333 | Cite as

On profiling supersonic nozzles to achieve uniform flow in the annular exit section

  • N. I. Tillyaeva
  • E. Ya. Shironosova


The problem of profiling supersonic nozzles with a central body in order to achieve uniform supersonic flow with Mach number M e >1 in the annular exit section is studied. Equal lengths of the profiled inner (central body) and outer nozzle walls can be achieved by displacing downstream the initial bend in the inner contour, i.e., in the central body wall. A displacement of this kind was proposed and tested in [1, 2] for annular nozzles with circular exit sections.


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  • N. I. Tillyaeva
  • E. Ya. Shironosova

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