Fluid Dynamics

, Volume 30, Issue 2, pp 254–260 | Cite as

Influence of a floating elastic plate on the surfaceeffects of internal waves generated by motion of a source in a non-homogeneous liquid

  • A. E. Bukatov
  • V. V. Zharkov


Perturbations of the surface of an exponentially stratified liquid of finite depth, free or covered by an elastic plate, are studied on the assumption that the perturbations are caused by internal waves generated by the steady motion of a constant -intensity source. The dependence of the spatial distribution of perturbations on the plate properties, velocity and the submersion depth of the source is considered.


Spatial Distribution Fluid Dynamics Internal Wave Elastic Plate Intensity Source 
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  • A. E. Bukatov
  • V. V. Zharkov

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