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The effects of indomethacin and verapamil on the shape changes of vascular endothelial cells resulting from exposure to various inflammatory agents

  • A. M. Northover


Histamine (300 μM), bradykinin (2 μM), prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) (30 μM), or the leukotrienes (LT) C4 and E4 (1 μM) but not D4 (1 μM) appliedin vitro have been shown to change the shape of endothelial cells lining the guinea pig isolated thoracic inferior vena cava. All caused the formation of inter-endothelial cell gaps. Pre-treatment with either indomethacin (100 μM) or verapamil (20 μM) reduced the effects of these compounds. It is suggested that indomethacin and verapamil act by reducing the amount of intracellular calcium available for the shortening of contractile protein filaments within endothelial cells.


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