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Evaluation of a casein and a whey hydrolysate for treatment of cow's-milk-sensitive enteropathy


A casein and a whey hyrolysate were evaluated in the management of 18 children with cow's-milk-sensitive enteropathy. This diagnosis was based upon clinical features, an abnormal small intestinal mucosa, i.e. an enteropathy, and a clinical response to cow's milk elimination. Two infants refused to take the whey hydrolysate. The median weight gain was higher in children given whey hydrolysate (19.4 g/day) than the casein hydrolysate (9.8 g/day). All children responded to cow's milk elimination and most has a significant improvement in small intestinal morphology after a cow's-milk-free diet. There was some advantage for the whey hydrolysate on morphometric analysis of their small intestinal mucosal response.

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crypt zone depth


intra-epithelial lymphocyte


total mucosal thickness


villous height


villous height/crypt zone depth ratio


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