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, Volume 3, Issue 5, pp 263–276 | Cite as

An application of a hybrid approach to modeling a flexible manufacturing system

  • B. L. Dietrich
  • B. M. March
System Design


Both analytic and simulation models were used to analyze the capabilities and requirements of an automated circuit card manufacturing system. Analytic models were used to determine the sensitivity of the measures of effectiveness (MOEs) to various design parameters. This analysis gave approximate results and bounded the range of input parameters for the simulation model. A detailed simulation model was required for use during both the design and production phases of the project. This simulation model incorporated only those variables to which the MOEs are most sensitive, and provided additional features to observe system behavior. The benefits and appropriate uses for each class of models are discussed.

Keywords and phrases

Analytic/simulation model manufacturing system design capacity analysis materials handling automated manufacturing queuing model 


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Copyright information

© J.C. Baltzer AG, Scientific Publishing Company 1985

Authors and Affiliations

  • B. L. Dietrich
    • 1
  • B. M. March
    • 2
  1. 1.IBM Watson Research CenterYorktown HeightsUSA
  2. 2.IBM Federal Systems DivisionOwegoUSA

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