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Thermodynamic entropy models of the frozen-wall system (I)

  • Zan Ting-quan


In this paper, the author describes, and comments on the traditional thermal theory on artificial ground freezing, and points out its important significance and shortcomings. The frozen-wall is analysed by system analysis methods. According to matter levels, the frozen-wall is divided into three sub-systems: frozen colloid system, frozen soil system and frozen-wall system. They correspond to different characteristics. The frozen-wall system is a large open system with multi-levels and multi-aspects. The problems of stability of the system and its control are the key problems in the techniques of artificial ground freezing. Based on non-equilibrium thermodynamics and dissipative structure theory methods, the author discusses and reveals the problems of the formation and stability of the frozen-wall system and its thermodynamic nature, and proposes the thermodynamic entropy models of the system. The result is a great satisfaction.


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  • Zan Ting-quan
    • 1
  1. 1.Lanzhou UniversityLanzhou

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