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A scientometric assessment of agricultural research in South Africa


This article reports the results of a scientometric assessment of agricultural research in South Africa over the period 1974–1984. The Science Literature Indicators Database of CHI is used and South Africa is compared with 7 other countries spread in America, Asia, Oceania, and Africa. The criteria used for the assessment are the contribution of each country to international agricultural literature (in terms of publications) and their impact in the “Schubert-Glänzel-Braun Impact Scale“. It was found that, although the South African contribution has improved in that period, it is comparable to that of Brazil and Argentina; that Nigeria and Israel produce 3 times more, and: that Australia and Canada contribute more than one order of magnitude of publications more than South Africa. As far as research impact is concerned “Plant Science” research in South Africa is rated “fair” in the Schubert-Glänzel-Braun scale, whilst “Dairy and Animal Science” and “Veterinary” research are rated “poor”.

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