Annals of Vascular Surgery

, Volume 6, Issue 5, pp 473–484 | Cite as

Endothelial cell seeding: A review

  • M. Welch
  • D. Durrans
  • H. M. H. Carr
  • R. Vohra
  • O. B. Rooney
  • M. G. Walker
Basic Science In Vascular Surgery


The concept of endothelial cell seeding, designed to provide vascular grafts with a nonthrombogenic lining, has progressed from crude animal experiments during the past two decades to detailed in vitro functional studies using human cells. Although favorable results have been obtained in animal studies this has yet to be translated to humans, where current application of these techniques has been limited to a very few clinical trials. The history, current status and future directions are reviewed herein.

Key words

Endothelial seeding grafts 


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