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An approximate method for calculating the depth of a surface-reaching gravitational mass-anomaly, giving a Bouguer-field with radial or axial symmetry

  • Erik Tengström


The author describes a method of determining the size and shape of a gravitating disturbance, treated as a surface-reaching a) vertical cylinder, b) infinite parallelepipedon, when the local Bouguer anomaly field has a) radial symmetry, b) axial symmetry. He introduces the quantity
which e. g. serves the purpose of distinguishing very easily between deepseated and shallow disturbances.


Axial Symmetry Approximate Method Bouguer Anomaly Radial Symmetry Vertical Cylinder 


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  • Erik Tengström
    • 1
  1. 1.Institute of GeodesyUniversity of UppsalaUppsala-HusbyborgSweden

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