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Weak-heap sort

  • Ronald D. Dutton
Part I Computer Science


A data structure called aweak-heap is defined by relaxing the requirements for a heap. The structure can be implemented on a 1-dimensional array with one extra bit per data item and can be initialized withn items using exactlyn−1 data element compares. Theoretical analysis and empirical results indicate that it is a competitive structure for sorting. The worst case number of data element comparisons is strictly less than (n−1) logn+0.086013n and the expected number is conjectured to be approximately (n−0.5)logn−0.413n.

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Algorithms data structures heap priority queue 


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  • Ronald D. Dutton
    • 1
  1. 1.Dept. of Computer ScienceUniversity of Central FloridaOrlandoUSA

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