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Host defense against infections and inflammations: Role of the multifunctional IL-6/IFN-β2 cytokine

  • M. Revel
Multi-author Review Recent Developments in Interferon Research


IL-6/IFN-β2 appears to be one of the important mediators of the response to viral and bacterial infections and to shock. The biological effects now associated with IL-6/IFN-β2 include: stimulation of immunoglobulin secretion by mature B lymphocytes (BSF-2 activity), growth stimulation of plasmacytomas and hybridomas (HGF activity), activation of T cells, stimulation of hepatic acute phase protein synthesis (HSF activity), stimulation of hematopoiesis, cell differentiation (DIF activity), inhibition of tumor cell growth (AP activity) and other IFN-like effects. As a typical cytokine, IL-6/IFN-β2 is secreted by many cell types and acts in various combinations with other interleukins and interferons.

Key words

Interferon-β2 interleukin-6 B-lymphocytes T-lymphocytes acute phase response hematopoeisis differentiation growth inhibition 


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