Choroiditis and meningitis in experimental murine infection withListeria monocytogenes


In a study of central nervous system involvement in experimental listeriosis 27 Swiss CD1 mice were inoculated subcutaneously withListeria monocytogenes. Systemic infection developed, as shown by the isolation ofListeria monocytogenes and histopathological lesions in the spleen and liver. In the central nervous system a mixed inflammatory infiltration in the ventricular system, especially in the choroid plexus, and leptomeningitis were the most relevant lesions. Inflammatory lesions were associated with the presence ofListeria monocytogenes, as demonstrated by a positive anti-Listeria monocytogenes immunoperoxidase reaction within phagocytic cells. It is suggested that choroiditis and meningitis developed as a consequence of hematogenous dissemination ofListeria monocytogenes within mononuclear phagocytes and penetration of these cells into the ventricular system through the choroid plexus.

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