Zur Wirkung von Nemacur- und Temik-Granulaten auf Wurzelgallen-Nematoden (Meloidogyne spp.) bei der Tomate

  • F. M. Salem

Response of root-knot Nematodes single and mixed populations to certain granular nematicides in tomato roots


The susceptibility of the two single populations of root-knot nematodes invading tomato roots,Meloidogyne javanica andM. incognita acrita, in comparison with a mixed population of the two species was investigated to the granular nematicides, Nemacur and Temik. Root-gall indices ofM. incognita acrita were reduced more than ofM. javanica. In addition, root-gall indices of the mixed population and a single population,M. incognita acrita, were the same.


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  • F. M. Salem
    • 1
  1. 1.Plant Protection DepartmFaculty of AgricultureShebin El-komEgypt

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