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Phaenologische waarnemingen omtrent de koolgalmug (Contarinia nasturtiiKieff.)

With a summary: Phaenological observations on Contarinia nasturtii Kieff., the Swede Midge

  • W. Nijveldt


Control measures against insect pests are only successful if application takes place on the right point of time. To fix this point it is very important to know the dates of appearance of the various stages of the injurious insect.

Leefmans obtained these phenological dates in 1936 for the control of the swede midge by using various types of emergence cages. He discussed the merits and disadvantages (1953) and constructed a new system, consisting of seven uncovered wooden emergence cages with one changing, free lid.

All metal conical traps (v. Dinther, 1953) proved to be very useful in the study of asparagus fly and carrot fly.

The eggs of the swede midge can be recognised in the field after a special training, and then emergence cages are needless. The problem, however, is when to start looking for eggs by examining the cabbage plants in the field. Therefore a survey is given of the results of thirteen years of phenological observations on the swede midge with emergence cages on several places in the Netherlands.

It shows that the first appearance of the swede midge can be expected in the last decade of may; in most cases however the first midges appeared in the first half of june.


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  • W. Nijveldt
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  1. 1.Instituut voor Plantenziektenkundig Onderzoek (I.P.O.)Wageningen

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