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Fire resistance tests and differentiated design procedures — The Building Code: Aims and means

  • Benny Bøhm


“Every building should be executed and arranged in such a way or by the use of such materials that, taking into consideration its purpose and location, it will give reasonable fire safety for persons staying in the building, including proper facilities for saving the occupants and for fire extinguishment to be carried out, and also to give reasonable safety against spread of fire to adjoining buildings and activities on adjoining sites.” — Danish Building Code, Chapter 6.1.1


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Window area (m2)


Total surface area of the compartment (m2)

A √H/At

Opening factor (m1/2)


Surface area of a steel structure divided by the steel volume (m−1)


The thickness of protection divided by the thermal conductivity of the protection (hCm2/kcal or Cm2/W)


Height of window (m)


Fire load per unit bounding area (Mcal/m2 or J/m2)


Temperature (°C)




Equivalent time


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