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Een kleurmethode voor zoösporen en zygoten vansynchytrium enbobioticum (Schilb.) perc.

With a summary: A staining method for zoöspores and zygotes of Synchytrium endobioticum (Schilb.) Perc.

  • Ir G. van den Ende
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Bring a small piece of potato wart-tissue in a drop of water on a slide at 10°–13°C. Fix the swarming zoöspores in the vapour of a 1% osmic acid solution and stain in a mixture of crystal violet and acid fuchsin in water. Let the slide dry an differentiate in a drop of clove oil; wash in xylol and mount in canada balsem.


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  • Ir G. van den Ende
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  1. 1.Phytopathologisch Laboratorium Willie Commelin ScholtenBaarn

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