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, Volume 60, Issue 4, pp 193–198 | Cite as

De bestrijding van emelten (Tipula SPP.)

With a summary: The control of leatherjackets (Tipula spp.)

  • G. J. Saaltink
  • J. Ticheler


Since 1950–1953 different insecticides were tested againstTipula sp. in a number of field trials.

On arable land 2,5 kg BHC 10%, 100 cc parathion 25% and Parisgreen mixed with 2,5 kg bran per ha had a satisfactory result.

If only the number, of Tipula specimens foundon the surface is counted, Parisgreen for instance gives a very small number of dead larvae (table II). However if the larvaein the soil are counted and are then kept in petri dishes it becomes evident that this product kills a great percentage in the soil (table III).

On grass land a mixture of parathion and bran or spraying with parathion seems to give a better result than the other products if only attention is payed to the number of larvae, on the surface (table I). Inj 1952 and 1953 no suitable grass land objects could be found. For that reason it was not possible to investigate the mortality of the larvae in the soil.


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  • G. J. Saaltink
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  • J. Ticheler
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  1. 1.Plantenziektenkundige DienstWageningen

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