Über landwirtschaftliche und soziologische Einflüsse auf das Auftreten und die Bekämpfung von Schädlingen in Saudi-Arabien

  • A. S. Talhouk

On agricultural and social influences on pests and pest control in Saudi Arabia


In former times there were only small cultivation areas in Saudi Arabia consisting of native crop varieties which were large resistant to pests and diseases. They showed an ecologic equilibrium. Since then modern technics and irrigation resulted in a considerable enlargement of these areas which are now attacked by many pests. The most important of the mite and insect pests are reviewed. In Agric. and Water Res. Center of Riyadh scientists are building up an extensive collection of all arthropods living in Saudi Arabia. For the purposes of pest control efforts are made to reach an integrated pest management. Studies are going to reduce the damages by help of cultivation measures.


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  • A. S. Talhouk
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